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This Month's Feature Blog Article will be LOVE:


I am loved and loving

I am surrounded by love

I easily attract loving people and experiences into my life

I embrace and claim a life filled and overflowing with love

I am grateful for the love that surrounds me

My circle of loving friends continues to expand

Love is what I am

I am a magnet for more and more love

I joyfully express love everyday

I love myself exactly the way I am

I radiate love to everyone and everything

The more love I give, the more love I receive

The love in my soul freely and fully expresses itself.

Love is all around

Today I release the past and allow the healing power of love into my life

I am in love with my life!




I am courageous

I will not give up

Step by step my courage grows deeper and stronger

I embrace the new and unknown

My courage makes me brave

I explore what is possible without hesitation

The wisdom of others inspires me daily

I have the courage to let go of who I am for who I can become

Ever onward!

My strength and resolve run deep

I boldly ask for what I want

I surround myself with courageous and passionate people

I follow my heart

I give myself permission to be courageous

I act in spite of my fears

I choose to live filled with courage

I look ahead and go for it

I am no longer afraid

I choose to be Powerful!

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